What we do

Jacqueline Gregory Family Mediation was established in 1998 and offers a personal high quality mediation and family dispute resolution service in Cheshire and South Manchester.


I offer privately funded mediation for all issues arising on relationship breakdown.  This includes making arrangements for children, child inclusive mediation to ascertain their wishes and feelings, resolving financial matters (including complex and high value cases), and deciding how and when to start divorce proceedings if required.

I adhere to the codes of practice of the Family Mediation Council and The Family Mediators Association.

Mediation is a voluntary process, it is impartial, and enables couples to shape their own arrangements for their children, separation, finances, property, debts and the future within a timescale and in a manner which they can control.   It can provide a unique opportunity for people to share thoughts and feelings which are important to them, to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings,  and to help future communications.

I aim to help you to make your own practical and realistic solutions to the issues you face without the distress and cost of court proceedings.

Mediation meetings are held in Macclesfield, or can be held using online video conferencing.

Financial Dispute Resolution

This is a separate service where I meet with solicitors and clients to help them to reach agreement on financial or other matters without the need for court proceedings - known as a Private FDR or Early Neutral Evaluation.  More details can be found on the relevant page of my website.  These meetings can be at an agreed venue or by online video conference.

What people say.

"I wanted to thank you for all you have done for us. It has been very helpful to be able to talk through issues regarding finances, childcare and general points of consideration for both of us.  I can honestly say that in the few months we have worked with you I have gone from being totally soul destroyed, scared and worried about the future, to happy, carefree and able to plan for a new start. Without the guidance and help of mediation we would not have been able to even discuss issues let alone resolve them.  I found the calm non-threatening environment very helpful in progressing towards our aims and resolutions"

" Many thanks for all your help. I really thought this wasn't going to work. We both realise that this has been the right way to deal with our issues and can't thank you enough for your patience and advice which has proved invaluable.  I feel that we can both move forward with the divorce, and am confident that we can provide a stable and caring environment for (our daughter) in the future."

"a very professional service – very welcome at a difficult time.  Mediation was very helpful as It gave us time and opportunity to explain the concerns we wanted to discuss.  We can now communicate better than before and have been able to finalise our agreement through solicitors."

" thanks for the session you had with the children. We both think it was a really good thing for them."

" since our mediation meeting we have been able to have a good chat to resolve things – it was quite emotional. I feel as if a weight has been lifted. (our daughter) has been much happier on contact visits and I have enjoyed them much more."

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